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Wendy enjoys designing and delivering in-house training programs such as: 

TEAM PROGRAMS: Team Coaching, Team Building
LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS: Success Strategies, Inner Leader, Leadership Development, Presentation Skills, Leader as Coach
MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS: Change, Stress, Crisis, Coaching to Improve Performance, Mentoring Skills, Effective People Management, Supervisory Skills, Train the Trainer Skills (groups and tasks), Interviewing Skills, Performance Management & Appraisal Skills, Effective Meetings
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Effective Communication, Stress Management, Networking, Personal Impact, Presentation Skills, Sales Skills, Negotiation Skills, Customer Service Excellence
mBRAINING: Evolve Your World, Leadership Decision Making, mBIT Coach Certification

What Delegates Say:

training programs “Thank you for the excellent team sessions you conducted. The feedback I received from everyone was extremely positive and there is a new energy in the team.  We have already changed our meeting style and have implemented an email free day – at last we are communicating effectively.  We have certainly benefited from your superb coaching!”

training programs

Thomas C van Opsal

Area Manager, Abu Dhabi / General Manager, Sheraton Hotels - Abu Dhabi

training programs“Wendy is an inspiring, insightful and well versed trainer and an amazing coach. Her solid understanding of the business world as well as her skills to easily discove r and unleash human potential give her an unparalleled edge in the industry.”

training programs

Tiina-Maija Bergman

Managing Partner, Table4ME

“The NLP training was definitely an eye-opener and I’m grateful for that! The program gave me confidence, motivation, and fortitude. It helped me clear all distortions in my thought process. It now feels like having a clear reflection of my mind, as I am now able to focus as to what, where, when and how I want to accomplish things. Furthermore, the experience of learning from the program has been a transforming life experience that has made an enormous difference both professionally and personally.”


“Wendy is a great positive person who made the course and learning fun. She allows you to find the answers for all the concerns you have by yourself in her special way of coaching, many thanks for the outstanding coach Wendy.”

Dr Rola

“Wendy is passionate, motivated and an experienced facilitator.  I didn’t believe as a group we could learn so much from one day.  We have grown individually as well as a team and have committed to keeping the changes and apply the learnings.  Thank you.  You really are the difference that makes the difference.”

training programs


Beckton Dickinson

training programs“The queen of reframes, Wendy Shaw. As a trainer during both the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, I attended, Wendy Shaw’s presence and continuous drive and push got me to learn and exceed my limits in every small detail of what I did. A powerful coach who knows what she wants and knows how to get results from those who work with her, Wendy is the ultimate professional who will get you out of your box. Whether through her humor, knowledge, or simply just her presence Wendy will manifest positive change in all who meet her. Looking for results? Find Wendy”

Roni F. Matar NLP Coach - Personal Development Trainer

“Thank you for providing an amazing training. The information we learned are great tools for success in our professional and personal life.”


“This course gave me an electric shock to my brain and senses that made me feel my senses more than only using them!!! It gave me a chance to understand people and behaviour of others in a different way than what is programmed and set in my mind. I honestly respecting people more and accepting their opinion better than before. Also, it helps me set my mind to put myself in other people’s shoes to understand the reason behind their behaviour or attitude. Thank you, Wendy.”


“Wendy is not only very professional, she is also very business oriented which is adding the requested extra dimension in today’s world where people and business are not always aiming for the same goals.”

training programs


InterContinental Hotels Group

training programs“Wendy is one of the most inspiring people whom I have had the pleasure of working along side. She has wealth of experience and knowledge that is always demonstrated in her training and coaching. Wendy’s delivery of her work is sincere, honest and always enjoyable and fun. She has talent for getting to the core of the person(s) she is working with and give of herself to the work she is doing. Wendy is by far one of the best NLP trainers and coaches in her field and I would highly recommend her skills and talent to anybody!”

training programs

Farhan Bhatti

Consultant, XpertLearning

“Thank you so much for the smart way you brought us to understanding NLP. As a result of attending the program, I can analyze my actions and my language along with others’ actions and language in a better way. The course was very fruitful and I was so inspired by your true life examples, which has enabled me to better cope with my working role and all areas of my life.”

Zineb Zakaria

“Wendy is an interactive trainer and helps put the theory into practice by relating to real life scenarios. There were many thought provoking ideas that I still refer back to. Thanks Wendy and I recommend your trainings to everyone.”

Gayu Lewis

“Attending courses is usually boring but with Wendy’s approach the Women Leadership course I attended was fun, intriguing, interactive, and meaningful all at the same time.”

training programs

Bedoor Abdulla


training programs“The 2-day program was incredibly informative and engaging and I found a great deal of benefit. I will be implementing various things that I learnt into my personal and business life. By identifying the correct way to speak to a potential client from listening to their language, their body movement, and eye patterns will increase our sales. Making yourself positive in any situation through reframing and other many other powerful techniques. In summary, I would recommend this course to anyone who is employed or a business owner.”

Adam Passfield

“Thanks for the excellent training. I am applying the tools in my day to day life and I feel my confidence improving. The real life examples, techniques and tips given by you were very helpful.”

Rajasekaran Arani Gunasekaran

“As a new business owner, I am always interested in learning better ways to improve myself and my company. After attending Wendy’s program I was able to walk away with different approaches immediately. One simple exercise asked us to identify a single word of how we wish to be perceived by others. I chose ‘passionate’. As a result, I have been able to apply more passion’ into my new field which has allowed me to enjoy my profession even more. Thank you for bringing the passion and drive back into my life Wendy!”

Alisha Hague

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