Coaching Programs

Coaching Programs

Wendy loves to work with individuals and her Coaching expertise includes:

Executive Coaching mBIT Coaching NLP Coaching Team Coaching Breakthrough Coaching Relationship Coaching

Wendy is a Certified mBIT Coach, Master NLP Coach and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Wendy also offers psychometric tools such as PAPI (Personality and Preference Inventory), Extended DiSC, iWAM (Institute for Work, Attitude,and Motivation).

Other resources and discussion tools include Bernes Drivers Questionnaire, Transactional Analysis, Howard Gardener’s 8 Intelligences, and more…

What Clients Say:

coaching programs“Wendy is a gem to work with. There isn’t a situation, challenge or problem that her mind isn’t able to wrap around and figure out almost instantly it seems like. I’ve learned lots from Wendy and plan to learn more in the future. If you’re thinking of working with her, stop thinking and hire her, you will never look back!”

Ryan S Nickel, Founder & Director, Holistic NLP

coaching programs “I was recently chosen to be a speaker and moderator at Arabian Travel Market 2016. As the region’s largest travel and tourism event, this was an incredible opportunity to show my expertise to my ideal target market. As a speaker, I was asked to prepare a 40-minute informative, educational and engaging presentation on the topic of social media and blogging. As this was such a significant opportunity, I turned to Wendy to help with my presentation skills. Just after the first session, I felt more confident about presenting in front of so many people. Wendy helped me to become more confident, shared impactful techniques, advised on the content and flow, and even supported me at the session itself. I will definitely be recommending and using Wendy again – what would have been a nerve-wracking experience turned into an enjoyable highlight of my career to date.

coaching programs

Karen Osman

Managing Director, Travel Ink

coaching programs“It is a great pleasure and an immense privilege to know, and work with Wendy. Her dedication, talent and flair for bringing out the true potential of others is inspirational.”

Kerry Smith - International Educator

“I went to Wendy for a mBraining coaching session with an issue that I was not so sure how would get resolved. The session was quite unique and quite unlike what I had attended in the past. I kept answering the questions which were patiently asked by Wendy until a point where I realized I had the solution! The great thing I liked about mBraining is that it makes you think with your guts, heart and mind which is so powerful. As a coach, Wendy is very patient and makes you so comfortable and. I am so glad that I got to experience this powerful technique from someone like Wendy. I wish her all the best and would highly recommend her to all!!!”

coaching programs

Rajeev Samtani FCA, FCWA

Xcel Accounting & Bookkeeping

coaching programs “I have known Wendy for the last 15 years and I can highly commend her work ethics and dedication to making people better at what they do and who they are. I recently had an mBraining Coaching session with Wendy and I was stunned with the results. Not only did we identify 3 core needs, we worked out what I could do about them to be happier and more successful at work. Wendy is by far one of the best Coaches and Trainer that I have ever worked with. I have and will keep recommending Wendy to anyone that wants to sharpen their minds. She is a master at that. Thank you for your help Wendy”

coaching programs

Elsa Roodt

Co-founder, Q Communications

“It was indeed very proactive – it provided a constructive and curative platform to discuss our thoughts, created an intimate environment to share ideas. Together we could make initiatives to create changes, which could fit our life, values and perceptions. She could partner to find clarity, make important choices and take the necessary steps to achieve the leadership qualities”.

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CFO & General Manager, Nissan Middle East FZE

coaching programs “In one session, Wendy was able to nail down the exact action plan that I needed to take to solve my challenge. She used the mBraining method, starting with the heart, head then gut, to dig into to how I feel, think, and what I need to do. What I really liked about the session, is the fact that I had a doable, simple, yet effective action plan in hand to actually take what I learned into practice. Truly remarkable!! Thankyou Wendy”

coaching programs

Teeba Alkhudairi

Chief Hoop Fairy | Founder, Flowground

“Thanks Wendy for helping me break through those issues which I know have been affecting my life. Without your great skills of being able to help me turn around my thoughts so that I no longer feel like a victim. There’s no stopping me now!”


coaching programs “I had the pleasure of working with Wendy through YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization). She coached me using the wheel of life and dwelled on an important aspect of it. The process that she used and the way she dealt with the situation helped me a lot in gathering and focusing on specific ideas as well as digging into my subconscious mind. Wendy is very tactful and talented, I greatly recommend her.”

coaching programs

Chaker Saab

Chairman, Tinol Paints

“Wendy, I would personally like to thank you for an outstanding session whereby you challenged, probed and in the end helped myself to come with answers to the situation being faced and a road map using my gut. I learned about 3 different aspects of one’s self which includes brain, heart and the gut. We often end up using the former 2, disregarding the gut feeling, which I feel is the god sent one. I would strongly recommend Wendy as she is very passionate about her work and has taken up the challenge of changing people’s lives by unique mBraining technique”

coaching programs

Avinash Adnani

Managing Partner, Pluto Travels

coaching programs “Wendy is an excellent human being and a very effective coach. She makes you very comfortable and at ease. Enables you to look into thyself and come up with answers and gives practical guidelines on achieving it. In one sentence she is a gift to humankind. No exaggeration. Lucky to have been coached by Wendy.”

coaching programs

Elvin Madtha

Account Manager, Emirates Color Services

coaching programs“Wendy is a very thorough life coach who uses her skills to the best of her ability, always wanting to improve her own performance as well as giving the client total trust and confidence in what she is delivering. Very friendly and fun and very good at what she does.”

Katrina Valente

coaching programs “Sometimes being sceptical can pay dividends, this is true in my case towards Training. Not to suggest I don’t need it, but how could someone help me in business and my personal life, when they don’t really know or understand me? I was invited by Wendy to attend one of her M-Braining sessions, and after a few minutes of asking relevant questions in a calming tone – I began to ‘un-haze‘ some of the questions I was seeking answers. The session for anyone who isn’t familiar with M-Braining connects your heart, head and gut to qualify with confidence the decisions you make, your becoming life choices and you begin to understand yourself and your path. I could not have begun to realise what one hour with a professional would achieve. Wendy created an opportunity and fed me with the ability to answer my own ‘stagnation’. As a trainer and now confident I implore her services wholeheartedly. You have the answers, and Wendy will help you unveil them”

coaching programs

Adam Ridgway

CEO, Travall World

“As a Coach, Wendy is very insightful, supportive and creative in her approach, making you feel very relaxed and buzzy. The work was done in one session and I left feeling entirely comfortable. Wendy is a great coach to work with and I thoroughly recommend her!”

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Rasha Al Kady

Owner, Studio KAD

coaching programs“As a Coach, Wendy unerringly finds the perfect balance between intuition and objective analysis. She never gives up on a client and constantly inspires them to breakthrough limiting beliefs. A perfectionist with patience!”

Jagat Rathore

“I was caged by my own perceptions.  NLP coaching took me out of the walled box I had created and put me in the middle of a playing field, where I can now choose what I want to play.  I had my pre-conceived ideas about coaching yet it wasn’t anything like I expected.  It set me free!  Every single word had a profound impact on both my professional and personal life.  I will carry those words and be a model for my kids.  Expect the unexpected!”

coaching programs

Sumi Rasouli


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